Artistic Anti-Statement

aMoral House of Cards is a collective of esoteric creatives.

We design events and performances that are the milestones in the narrative of an evolving self-directed mythology. Sometimes these are incredibly simplistic, stripped down to a single action such as playing catch. Other times they are expansive, encompassing several media and disciplines of performance, from running, body modification, and conventional sculpture practices performed live.

We make drawings and prints that are the “propaganda” for our events. They are designed to sometimes look like that of a post-modern totalitarian state run by the mad hatter, or an esoteric sports team, or a monastic tradition inspired by the writing of Robert Pirsig. These aesthetics also influence our clothes and sculptures that serve as the costumes, props and artifacts supporting these narratives. 

We document our events and edit the footage to be shown as films. We use our own past and present lives as raw material to sculpt this mythology so that we tread the line between fiction and reality. Sometimes a conversation at a bar is a performance. Sometimes a broken heart is a desirable object. Sometimes a humbling moment is a better document than a tax deductible receipt.