Past Work

IMPROBAbLE PARAbLES: Prologue. 2020 short movie entry for the Dead North film festival.
The Smirkin’ Merkin, A Highbrow Dinner with No Taste. 2017 Restaurant takeover with eniM. A tidy beer tavern in Winnipeg was transformed into a shitty dive bar for one night. 7 course degustation menu, on the theme of pub food, executed to exacting culinary standards. Performances include a belligerent drunk at the bar, a meat raffle, a couple breaking up very publicly, and two others discreetly.
aMoral was here. 2016. Installation, performance, video. A series of bespoke leafs, cut from brass, were made and installed around Old Town, Yellowknife, at sites significant to the practice of aMoral House of Cards (the practice of the artist). The fabrication and installation were documented, video was shown during Introductions Upon Departure.
Cilice. 2016. Bichael Lester Anarchy Godspeeed! (pictured) was ridden in laps around Pilot’s monument while the artist listened to two records by Daikaiju (modern adrenaline surf rock band). A cilice was worn around the artist’s thigh, cutting into the flesh. Ink was rubbed into the cuts, creating a tattoo. This was performed during Introductions Upon Departure.
The Catch Act, North. An ongoing commitment to the public, the Catch is a promise to play catch with anyone that asks. Documentation of a round of catch with Jay Bulckeart on the pink granite of the Canadian Shield was exhibited during Introductions Upon Departure.
(Please read Theory/Practice.  Critical Distance, Vol 18:3  , images are included for all work produced during the Toms & Bitches of Turtle Island)
Twenty Four (in braille). 2010. The artist was blindfolded and worked to fill an entire sketchbook with graphite, for twenty four hours. The subsequent drawings have never been seen by the artist.
Solvation. 2010. The artist counted the number of guests to the gallery throughout an evening of performances. The number, in tallies, was marked indelibly into the artist’s arm, using a blade, and rubbed with ink. The blade was then dissolved in Ferric Chloride acid.

Catalyst: Self Portrait. 2009 Using a mediator, the artist successfully employed an assassin to attack him during an exhibition. The Attacker was given a paintbrush and ink. The resulting stab mark on the artist’s shirt was then tattooed live onto this body.

Forensic. 2009. The artist constructed a treadmill that unspooled 3000 meters of paper. Ink was squirted onto the paper as it passed underneath, creating a large 3000m drawing.
Escutcheon Athletics, Red Vs. Blue. 2007 (installation view from 2009, Beauvais, France) A complete weight-lifting set was crafted from scratch, timber-built furniture, hand-cast iron weights, custom leather lifting belt, and clothes.  Performances using the gear usually lasted 2 hours.
Mindful Cleaners. 2008. Paper was glued to the walls and floor of an unused storefront. The artist meditated for three days and washed the walls in ink.
Escutcheon Athletics. Formative Documents. 2006. Drawing utensils were installed on various exercise gear, creating documents of exertion.